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Hi, I'm Erica. I first started blogging in 2012. My blog at the time was called Vanilla Tweed. I had envisioned it being a place where I could document my weight loss journey and maybe one day incorporate my love of style. Well here I am...

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4 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    Oh Erica…I know the feeling.
    Here’s my story—I started dieting at 11. I was 10 lbs overweight and by 28 I weighed 265 lbs—100 over my “ideal” weight. I lost, I gained, I lost again, I rarely maintained. Until the last year and a half when—dare I say it out loud—I got it right. I finally figured out how to lose it in a healthy way and more importantly,for me, how to maintain without losing my mind.

    I eat the high protein, no carb, no dairy, tons of veggies and some fruit diet…paleo perhaps? Really just trial and error over the years and creating a way of eating that works for me. I lost 32 lbs doing this for 9 months, kept it off for 6, gained 8 in January, took it off again and have lost 5 more—that’s 37. I consider this a victory because the 8 lb glitch was reversed quickly and I got back to losing. I’m still 10 lbs from the “ideal” weight set by my nurse practitioner.

    What wisdom can I share? One day I was driving around looking for a way to treat myself during what was a stressful day. “I deserve a reward for all I’ve been through today” was my thought as I pulled in the drive through at Dairy Queen. And just then another thought broke into my consciousness—“That’s not a reward…that’s a punishment.” Truth slapped me in the face. This thought has carried me through countless moments of wanting to eat that thing that I know I will regret. And with the regret would come the guilt and anger-punishing myself and my husband in the process when I gained again.

    This one thought keeps me eating the healthy way. For the first time I am gaining awareness of how my eating makes my body feel. I was so good at blocking it out, so good! I know I can’t go back to the sugar, bread, pasta and more sugar way I ate—when I wasn’t dieting—because I feel like crap when I eat that way…both physically and emotionally.
    And there is another factor for me—I’m 56, I have lost both my parents and 9 aunts and uncles to cancer. My dad had 5 different types in his lifetime. Being overweight is a big risk factor for women.

    So my method is this—I eat my “plan” 7 days a week to lose. I indulge in something I love to eat or drink once or twice a week to maintain, but no more that 2 meals off plan in a week. My off plan meals tend to be less damaging now, too. I choose a glass of wine with dinner instead of dessert or a salad with blue cheese instead of fries on the side.

    Today I went to a bar-b-que we always go to on Memorial Day. I usually would eat everything I wanted “it’s a holiday isn’t it?” and extra desserts, yes, I said desserts! Today I ate a burger and loads of salad and two bites of Skip’s dessert. I wanted a huge piece of the Reeses cake, but I heard that sentence, my mantra, again and decided not to punish myself…I don’t deserve that!

  2. Victoria says:

    My weight has been the roller coaster of my life. A battle of consistent diets, intense workout plans. I was 288lbs by the time I was 24 and the only thing that got me started was digestive enzymes and portion size. I allowed myself to cheat when I needed too, but I stuck to it and with exercise got down to 194lbs…then pregnant. Eating anything and everything in site, back up to 260lbs. After a year of good eating, lite exercise and breastfeeding a growing kid, I was able to get back down to 194lb, what I weighed in high school. But then, pregnant again, and breastfeeding turned me into an eating machine, and pizza was on the menu more than I care to admit, so skyrocket back to 252lb. Now here I am 2nd baby almost 15months and I am around 190. ( I am not sure exactly, my scale broke!) The funny thing is, as light as I am I am still ways softer than I ever was at this weight. I need to work more on muscle and my diet. I have been queen of junk food when kids are in bed. I still have my break downs too. Like eating an entire box of microwaved frozen White Castle while drinking a beer, I try to look at my diet a week at a time in overview instead of a daily view. Try to maintain a balance. We all have our secret caloric pleasures;)

  3. Cathleen says:

    Hi Erica!

    I may be a little late but here goes!

    I have been overweight as long as I can remember. I have tried many a weight loss plans. Weight Watchers and various fad diets…I would loose a few pounds but always go back to my bad eating habits.

    In July 2011, my husband and I joined Slimgenics. Generally they have a good plan…high protein, low carb, no sugar, veggies and some fruit. At first it was hard to make food appealing…I love to cook so I took on the challenge. Mainly what really helped was to stop drinking alcohol. I am not a big drinker but I do enjoy a good microbrew beer or cocktail on weekends…or two or three. One of my biggest challenges was social events, because all my friends are foodies and like to have cocktails. Long story short…Dan lost over 100 pounds in about a year and half. I lost 95 pounds and was wearing a size 12. At my high point I was in a size 22.

    About a year ago I started gradually gaining it back. Very gradually. Now after all of that I am back in my size 16’s and pushing an 18. I am mad at myself…plain and simple.

    I have never been a person who enjoyed exercise. I love the outdoors and hiking but formal exercise UGH! I have recently started working out. Joined a local gym and hired a personal trainer 2 days a week. I am working on changing how I think about exercise. What I really have to do…is not give myself a choice. Everyday I have to do something…walk, garden, circuit training, elliptical…anything that gets me moving!!! This is my new mantra: Be fit, Be confident, Be Strong!

    Also another thing that I really try to do is not be too hard on myself. When I go off plan, whatever that means, that I get right back on plan.

    Thank you so much for sharing your weight loss journey…it is so helpful to know I am not alone.

  4. Erica Erica says:

    Thank you guys for sharing! It really helps to hear other people’s stories. Both the struggles and successes help to motivate! I appreciate your honesty and how much you shared! You guys are great!

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