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Hi, I'm Erica. I first started blogging in 2012. My blog at the time was called Vanilla Tweed. I had envisioned it being a place where I could document my weight loss journey and maybe one day incorporate my love of style. Well here I am...

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  1. Diana says:

    Darling…you are doing AMAZING! Good work! I for one know how hard weight loss is and even harder to maintain. I want you to know I am here for you and have struggled all my life just as you have. 35 lbs! Great Job! I have been working with WW since late last year and I have been down 21 lbs but lately it has tracked back to 15 – 17 lbs. I have recommitted myself to getting back on the program now that my personal life has settled some. I will be here if you need anything…encouragement, talk, support or just an ear. You are AMAZING and you know it. All my love…….

    • Erica Erica says:

      Thank you Diana. I was so happy to hear that things have settled down for you are back on the bright side! We are all on a journey… sometimes it is like swimming through molasses and sometimes it is like rolling down a steep hill, rarely do I find myself just coasting along. I am glad that you are getting back on track. Taking care of ourselves is the nicest thing we can do for everyone involved! Thank you for your support and know that I am here for you too!

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